How we work with Institutions

An institution is one of the most important contributors to shaping a child. The values and lessons they imbibe from here influence the outlook a child will have towards life. And in the quest to make our kids stronger, sharper, faster and smarter, we shouldn’t forget to make them happier. We’ve developed a range of products and services which are centered around happiness. From customised products to thoughtfully crafted sessions to tailor made events for the children and their families.

Let's make holistic more than just a buzzword.


A collection of thoughtful, thematic & customised products that reinforce school as a place that is about so much more than just schooling.

Products that celebrate landmark occasions & days

Products that celebrate cultures in an interactive, playful manner

Developing and/or Designing learning material in a way that makes it fun, effective & awesome!

An organization is only as strong as the relationships it builds with its stakeholders. We’ve curated a collection of products and services that nurture and enhance these relationships. With one small but significant difference. Our products and services are aimed at not just the stakeholder, but his/her family too. After all, isn’t that the relationship they value most?

How we work with Corporates

We have a range of customised products & tailor-made events for employees, customers and stakeholders of the organization that celebrate these relationships.

Products which encourage the family to spend time. Together :)

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