So, what is the J.O.Y. Subscription?

It's like Santa Claus. Just every month :) The J.O.Y. Subscription is a combination of age-relevant, developmental, lifestyle, nostalgic, fun and personalised products, designed to make childhood a little more special. It's got a little bit of this. And a little bit of that. After all, if life is a mixed bag, why should this be any different?

What makes it different?

The J.O.Y. Subscription is designed to grow with your child. It includes a broad range of products, some of which are designed exclusively for your child.

Peek - a - Boo!

Th J.O.Y. Subscription is designed to surprise. And delight :) Designed for ages 0 - 7, here's a sneak peek into what to expect with your subscription.


All you need to know about the subscription. And more.

What is the J.O.Y. Subscription?

J.O.Y. is a subscription service for 0-7 year olds where-in theme based gifts are sent to your home for the kid and the family to enjoy, cherish, and make childhood even more happier. Gifts are based on Lifestyle, Soft Furniture, Interactive Games, Clothes, Festivals, Travel above all they are based on the Emotions of the Family and the Kid.

What happens when I purchase the J.O.Y. Subscription?

You will receive an email and SMS once your order has been placed and confirmed. You will receive a gift per month (age specific to the kid) based on the subscription you choose. Your first gift will reach you within 30 days from the day you have placed the order.

What exactly do I get in the J.O.Y. Subscription/Kit/Box?

Every month you will get a product along with an instruction sheet which the kid/family can refer to. You will receive a different product every month. If there are multiple JOY subscriptions at home, the products shall vary. Eg – If you subscribe for kids of the same age – the products will differ (they may have a similar theme, but they will not be identical) OR Eg – If you subscribe for kids of different age groups – the products will differ.

How do I use the products?

The product comes with an instruction sheet. Some of our products are not just for kids. They are for the family as well. And we are always just a call away.

How do you create the products that are custom-made or personalised?

For products that are custom-made or personalised, the team will get in touch to get the necessary details needed from you in order to create the product.

What is the minimum subscription duration on offer?

We'd advise 3 months. We’ve defined the period which we feel is best in both our interests. Ours, because we can get to know the family and child and create something accordingly. And yours, because there’s more time to enjoy and cherish the products!

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

If at all you feel that the JOY Gifts are not giving your kid those little special moments of happiness, no worries ! Just send us an email, and we’ll cancel your subscription. However, it’s most likely that a new gift will already be under process for your kid. Thus we will cancel the subscription only after the next gift is delivered. And yes, the balance amount will be refunded back to you.

Can I change my address in the middle of the subscription?

Absolutely, we deliver Pan-India and Globally. Unless the box has already been shipped, we can change it immediately, else from the next gift. Just let us know!

Do you ship globally?

Well, yes! We ship all over the globe. While we offer free shipping in India, shipping outside the country attracts extra charges.

We're all Ears!

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